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Chapter 01: 12-17 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 12-17 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 2 0 FREE HUGS!!! by waltervan00 FREE HUGS!!! :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 17 20 Kristina Redesign? by waltervan00 Kristina Redesign? :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 0 1 The Final Sanctuary by waltervan00 The Final Sanctuary :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 5 0 Lord of Her Garden by waltervan00 Lord of Her Garden :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 4 0 Foxes Using a Phone Booth by waltervan00 Foxes Using a Phone Booth :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 85 48 Chapter 01: 11 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 11 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 0 0 Daredevil Transporters by waltervan00 Daredevil Transporters :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 11 4 Chapter 01: 10 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 10 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 0 0 Chapter 01: 9 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 9 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 0 0 Chapter 01: 8 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 8 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 1 0 Chapter 01: 7 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 7 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 1 0 There are hunters about. by waltervan00 There are hunters about. :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 16 11 Chapter 01: 6 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 6 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 1 0 Priorities by waltervan00 Priorities :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 0 3 Chapter 01: 5 by waltervan00 Chapter 01: 5 :iconwaltervan00:waltervan00 2 0


Cluttered Home Equals Clutter Mind
These are just personal theories. Ideas that have not yet been fully tested with life but is beginning to show results with the little experimenting so far.
I just got back from my vacation to Japan. And something finally clicked. I’m not doing things that are benefitting me nor making me happy in the States. I procrastinate on work, i’m lazy, binge on social media, politics and entertainment. While in japan, i promised myself and my girlfriend, I would not check social media, politics or youtube and try to just enjoy everything there. Be in the moment. And I did! I was in the moment the whole time there. Enjoying myself. Enjoying life. Seeing new things, and focusing on being in the moment. What came of it was these new found ideas. Incredible. New sense of happiness and determination overcame me. Now I’m here writing it down before I forget.
Cluttered Mind 
Being lazy or repeating bad habits might have more to do with a cluttered  mind then anything else.
:iconjeteffects:JetEffects 4 11
Comp. Study Thumbs by DylanPierpont Comp. Study Thumbs :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 32 13 Mononoke Sunrise by JetEffects Mononoke Sunrise :iconjeteffects:JetEffects 624 21
link to manga-ka vid
the post is so big to load on my front page that you have to go thro 2 link to get to it>>>>
:iconphation:phation 2 1
If you ask what your mastery level is from me... would most likely get an answer that might sound rude or isn't what you would want to hear.
Don't get me wrong, this is actually very important question, but I think that you should ask this from yourself rather than from me. My intention isn't to bash anyone, mind you. It's just my seemingly pessimistic logic and mindset that I follow and use in order to avoid resting on my laurels. I have gotten this far thanks to this mentality even thought it's rather blunt and cold. I would rather not answer this question, but I will share my thoughts about this question, which I have been asked several times after posting Nsio explains: Learning Order to Human Figure Drawing. Don't read any further if you are afraid that you will get offended. On the other hand, a good ol' slap right at the face can truly widen your horizons.
"What's my mastery level?
And by "my" I mean you if you ask this questio
:iconnsio:Nsio 60 54
Spitpaint Render by Famishedspade Spitpaint Render :iconfamishedspade:Famishedspade 5 0 Nsio Explains: Distortion in Perspective by Nsio Nsio Explains: Distortion in Perspective :iconnsio:Nsio 3,218 85 I did a thing by rajewel I did a thing :iconrajewel:rajewel 250 39
Fun Art Exercises to Improve your Skill
Fun or sort of fun exercises you can do yourself to get better at drawing and painting. We all want to be better at our craft and to create the art that looks more like our vision, or more like the stuff we love to see. But exercises can be dull, even though they are deliberate we can't bring ourselves to do them because we get bored and we don't draw with the goal to get bored.
So I devised a few ideas that I sometimes use that can lighten up those studies. I don't really like the word "studies", but who cares? Right?
5 Fun Art Exercises you can do
Cartooning Studies - Say you are all of a sudden interested in drawing birds and pull up a few bird references and start studying them. You can attempt to copy the bird, but will you retain any of the information you learned? I bet you probably won't. What can you do though? You can study the shapes, and then recreate that bird from a different angle to solidify your knowledge. But this too I think doesn't work really wel
:iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 141 25
How to: Color
As a follow up of my "How to: Anatomy" journal that was received so well by the community, I will continue this series with a how to on color.
Color is considered to be one of the hardest subjects when it comes to art. Most beginners (and even some advanced artists) struggle to get the colors of their work right. I myself do as well. This journal is by no means a full coverage on how to color. It will however be a good list of resources to get you started on this hard subject.
A few things to get started
There are a few things to color

There's hue and value. Hue determines what place in the color spectrum the color is in (red, green, blue.. etc). Value determines how dark or light a color is. In order to understand colors, you have to know how to influence and work with both of them.
Your brain is deceiving you
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,206 85
Manip walkthrough
Manip Academy #4: Manip Walkthrough
I decided to submit a "tutorial" about the journey through a simple landscape manip. Mainly cause I was myself completely lost when I first started doing manips. Going from only knowing painting to trying photo manipulations seemed easy enough but proved very difficult. So these steps are mostly for beginners. 
When creating a manipulation there will be a lot of different steps, some major, some tiny, don't limit yourself and do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. This tutorial is in no way "complete" but it will go through some steps that I myself had trouble with when i first started learning manipulations. There's many different ways to do things, so I encourage you to try new things to find what fits your unique personal workflow.
Step 1. Idea, inspiration, and planning.
This is where the idea for an artwork is born. Perhaps you already have a finished idea in your head or you simply found a very insp
:iconthegirlcansmile:thegirlcansmile 28 31
How to shade with Texture Tutorial by griffsnuff How to shade with Texture Tutorial :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 4,478 66
Manip Academy 1: Depth in the scenery
Welcome to Manip Academy 2.0!
What is it about?
Manip Academy is about learning and sharing! Much like in a real school, the idea of this project is to teach you valuable Photoshop tricks on a regular basis.
>>> Manip Academy 2.0: Calendar and Sign-Ups <<<
>>> All Manip Academy articles <<<
Depth effect
When you create a scene and it has details in the background, it is very important you remember to keep the depth, in this way you will get a more realistic result. The details in the foreground will have more contrast in comparison to the details on the background, then the scene in the background will have less contrast, "a white or blurred appearance".
Look at some examples to better understand what I'm trying to explain:
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 200 121
Little Fox (+video) by Lhuin Little Fox (+video) :iconlhuin:Lhuin 1,870 71 A promise by DamaiMikaz A promise :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,481 126 Pen Tool Tutorial by Popo-Licious Pen Tool Tutorial :iconpopo-licious:Popo-Licious 10,047 2,273


coverArt1 by waltervan00

To post or not to post? That is the really question here.
Of course the obvious answer should be yes. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I still suffer from a bit of cowardice from my last attempt to post a webcomic.  Although, after I gave up on it, I felt the urge to do this a year following...

I was under the crazy pressure to do an 'episode' a week, which is comparable to the chore Mangaka go through. So I got thinking, to what schedule to I post? I was thinking one page every two weeks or something, but that'll equate to two pages a month and that's not great for progression... for you guys at least; I will be needing tons of time to gather some pre-production stuff because once that first page goes, I'm under the pressure!

Well, if you got advice or some idea on how I should be scheduling things then feel free to dunk a comment. I think I'll get myself the courage to start uploading sometime soon.


waltervan00's Profile Picture
Wei Jian Van
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Walter!
Born in 2000, I do art as a part-time hobby, mainly on digital but I really enjoy playing around with a pencil, to escape from the monotony of school.
Quirky facts and niches:
Rough diseases past --- Jaundice, Fractured Ankle, H1N1 (according to genius brother), Dengue Fever, Appendicitis

Motivational techniques --- Wake up >> Clean up >> Eat >> Get hype >> Draw >> Lose hope >> Sleep >> Repeat


Chapter 01: 12-17
For the link to this current chapter.
Thought I'd work on this comic more, because yeah. Why not? There's something that's always nagging at me to do more story work, but my motivation and self-esteem is fleeting at best. Thought I'd shut this self-conscious wining up by doing them. Until then, I'm working ways to improve my pacing, composition and mood - okay and the linework.

Edit: Updated the main file. Reduced file size.
Kristina Redesign?
This is a redesigned illustration of this character.
This one's kinda like a 'Draw it Again', 'Do it Again' or 'Improvement meme'.

Personal opinion: as much as it feels off to say it, I think the older character design is better... it seems less generic. And the colours are cooler. I'll redesign it again!!!
The Final Sanctuary
Sifting through some of my old pieces, i came across this image. This one was done back in '16, and was a submission to the Brush Sauce Theater community contest. Link.

I've been working on nothing but contest entries in late 2016 early 2017. It was tough for me because I was under the pressure of completing a piece and not stalling too much, but these things took me a month each and I was honestly time hungry. I am also not very good and so the need for studying crept up. I have to admit that I'm not drawing as much as of late. Perhaps it's because of the dilemma of whether I should go studying or making up projects that soak up my time.

Maybe the way out is to start projects and learn/study by looking for the things needed for the projects completion. What do you think?
For those who love to see the process taken in artworks.

The image had been an entry for an art contest named 'Lord of the Garden' of which the prompt is of the title.
I had thought of doing a chef, a travelling chef to be more exact.
Lord of the Garden - Chef ideas -1 by waltervan00     Lord of the Garden - Chef ideas -2 by waltervan00
I chose idea number 11 on the second sheet from a selection including pirates designs, travelling merchants, herbalists, arctic hunters and sea men with modern day clothes. (There are close runner-up's: I just wanted to do something involving an island)

Developing Ideas -1 by waltervan00
Developing Ideas -2 by waltervan00
Developing the idea more, which I found incredibly enjoyable. I was looking on Pinterest for bags and ideas for what she would be prepared with. Admittedly, I wished I stayed more in this step because when I was painting, I had problems selecting which colours for her design. The shot I had chosen for the final illustration didn't showcase much of her equipment too, which I would have taken in account if I'd put more attention in them.

Practice - Thumbs by waltervan00
Dylanpierpont's post showed me the value in these thumbnail plans. I did a couple and setting on this one because it was dynamic with the large diagonal and the light value framing of the charater. In hindsight, there were other much more interesting thumbs to use. (And more conceptual ones!) Guess that's to be utilized next time.

Sketch Ref by waltervan00     Colour Scheme by waltervan00 Left: sketch         Right: colour profile

Not much to comment on with these ones. Except that the colour decisions could be made easier if I had figured out the character's colours prior to the colouring.

On painting, I've hit many road-blocks, of which is mostly caused by not studying my references enough before making my move. Reckless I was in attacking the painting.

The lesson for me in the making of this piece:    Lord of Her Garden
Like chess, careful planning and setups are to be meticulously sorted out (including observations of references). And every ounce of work put in must have an intention borne within.

What needs work? Anatomy, values, colours, technically all skills in art is a must!


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I don't have Manga Studio, only PS CS6 so I don't think I can mimic fine, sharp dip pen-like lines. I plan to colour my comic but unsure whether to 'paintly' render it, cell-shade it or colour it like Fisheye Placebo.

Overall, I kinda am lost as to what style I might have to lean on to. Perhaps just be myself and do it like how I'd do things on my DA.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward as to what your opinion is.
Cheers! And a Happy New Yeah! :D (Big Grin) Hug 
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